Peter’s book is now available!

“Observer’s Lookout is a collection of brief essays by Psychologist Peter Thorneycroft. His characteristically practical approach brings life to some of the more powerful concepts from Ericksonian therapies and Ontological Coaching. You’re invited to discover for yourself ways of being in the world that some people find truly wonderful.”

Observer’s Lookout! A Paperback Book

257 pages of practical therapeutic essays written between 1992 and 2015. They include published journal articles and professional conference presentations. Foreword by Rob McNeilly. Psychologists, coaches, therapists, helping professionals and laypeople can all gain something useful from the concepts, intriguing stories, and ideas in this book. Price includes postage.


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“Observer’s Lookout! is a fantastic resource for anyone who is interested in helping others be the best version of themselves. Peter’s book draws on his extraordinary knowledge and experience of two of the most powerful approaches to change going around – Ericksonian therapies and ontological coaching. Just like his coaching, there is an ease and power that leaps from the page which act as a reminder that everything we need to effectively deal with challenges is already within us. Peter provides engaging stories to illustrate important principles that any coach, counsellor, teacher, or parent would benefit from.”

Mark Raymond – Leadership Coach

Chapter Headings

  1. Hypnosis and Indirect Suggestion in Pain Management
  2. Hypnotic and Indirect Communication in Therapy
  3. Solution Oriented Hypnosis
  4. Milton H. Erickson & Ontological Coaching
  5. Therapeutic Chronicles from a Psychiatric Prison
  6. Observing and Listening
  7. Hypnotherapy Without Trance
  8. Common Miracles with Ericksonian Hypnosis
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